Balenciaga Town bag in 2010 black

Wednesday, April 14 (11:22 AM)

Soooooooo what did I buy in the Balenciaga boutique, whilst in Hong Kong? :P

Well, I originally wasn't even intending to get a Balenciaga bag, since I already have a few. I actually was after a Chanel bag - specifically a slouchy soft lambskin one. However, the current season stock in all the Chanel boutiques had structured, rigid bags. Urgh. So I figured I'd save my money...

Then, when we walked into the Balenciaga boutique.. I SAW IT. I've been gagging to get the Town size bag ever since it was newly released this year. Slightly bigger than the First, it's still smaller than the City. It's the perfect size for me I reckon. The boutique had 2 different ones that I liked - in "sorbet" (barbie pink) and in "black". I was initially attracted to the sorbet, since I looooove hot pink, but Chris pointed out that the black was a lot more grungy-cool looking and it IS the original classic Balenciaga colour. Plus, I have pink-everything.

I love the basic black of it, and how it'll match everything in my wardrobe. The size is fantastic. The benefit of this Town size over the First is that it slouches better, because there's more leather to go around. And oooooooh boy it slouches fantastically! The lambskin is buttery soft and super smooshy... so luscious. It's going to age beautifully because wear shows up a lot less on the black than on the coloured ones. And it smells AMAZING!!! Friends that know me online know I have a strange antic for sniffing my Balenciaga bags, it's cos they just smell so freakin' good. Now, I'm even resorting to surreptitiously sniffing my hands just to huff that yummy leather smell. So if you see me sniffing my hands, I swear it's not cos I'm going crazy, I'm just sniffing the bag smell that's rubbed off on my hands :P

Anyways. Enough passionate rambling about my materialistic tendencies. PICS!!

Balenciaga 'Town' lambskin bag in black 2010!

A smooshpile of silky leather

I LOVE how it slouches!

The luscious butt... like liquid leather

Squashy side view


Held by the handles - just noticed the bag
matches my sandals. TOO CUTE!

Slung over my arm

Across the body, 'cos the Town size has a long strap

Worn with the long strap on the shoulder

With the handles on the shoulder

It fits really easily over the arm by the way (I know people
complain about the handles not being long enough to - not true!)

Colour comparison with 2005 Magenta and 2010 Papeete

For more colour references, you can see my Balenciaga colours and styles here:



Monday, September 28 (1:42 PM)

The sight of just the paper bag is enough to make my heart skip a beat -
how sad is that?! :P

Louis Vuittion 'neverfull' bag in Damier print

Whilst shopping in the new Ion Orchard in Singapore, I made a beeline for the Louis Vuitton boutique, which is huge. Absurdly, we had to queue to get in. It was jammed packed with people inside, like there was some sort of mega sale going on. Sadly, there was not. Everything was full price (LV never goes on sale), we're in an economic recession, yet people are still merrilly buying their hearts out.

Well, if you can't beat 'em, JOIN 'EM! ;)

Spent over an hour with Mum trying on various bags, making the poor salesman drag down bag after bag for us to paw. He was absolutely lovely though, really attentive and patient, despite the store being so crowded and us taking up so much time. Poor Dad was left on the couch where he was so bored he eventually got up to look for us :P After much deliberation, Mum decided she wouldn't get a new one after all... but I DID!!

I actually walked into the store intending to get the Louis Vuitton 'neverfull' PM bag. But whilst I was there, I spent ages trying on different bags, wanting to make sure I got the "perfect" one. After all that, I still ended up reverting back to the Neverfull.

I just love how it's incredibly light but sturdy, can expand out if I need to stuff it, and has thin handles (the thick ones slide off my shoulders). I also like how it's waterproof and won't get dirty easily, and how there's no huge LV logo(s) all over it. The downside is that it's the most popular bag, so every bum on the street has it too. D'oh! It was the reason why I was looking to get another style, but in the end I decided I love the Neverfull too much :)

Mine's the Damier print and whilst Mum has the identical bag, hers is the Monogram print. It's the small PM size, because the larger ones dwarf me. It fits beautifully on my shoulder and makes the perfect, casual, everyday bag. I'M LOVING IT :)

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Monday, July 27 (11:49 PM)

I've been lusting over the Proenza Schouler PS1 since January this year, when I first laid my eyes on this beauty. I saw it whilst surfing the net, in passing, and was quite taken by it... then shortly afterwards I started seeing it appear on the arms of young celebrities - namely Leighton Meester (whom I love on Gossip Girl), the Olsen Twins, and Kristen Dunst (really like her as an actress). That fuelled my lust even further, except I had one tiny problem.......

The bag is always sold out worldwide, and comes in very limited numbers, and even more limited colours. I called all around the USA, and even to the UK, to no avail. Everyone was "sold out" of the specific blue leather Medium size that I wanted.

Then, I found this online boutique that had it!!!!!!! It took me about 7 months to finally find it and get my hot lil hands on the bag, but it was well worth the wait. I'm just blown away with the smell of the leather! It has this incredible rich, strong leather scent.. so much so I keep sniffing at the bag like a crazy person.

The leather is really soft, and I adore how the bag is quite structured, yet the leather is really soft and slouchy. It makes the PERFECT work bag because it's plain and professional looking enough, yet it has "me" written all over it (mainly due to the soft leather, which basically all my bags have).

There are lots of compartments and zipper pockets, great because I love to have everything in its own place (very obsessive compulsive about that). And I can carry it as a briefcase, sling it on my shoulder, or wear it across my body - love bags that are multipurpose.

Best of all is the leather scent though... man it's intoxicating.... *goes off to have another whiff*

Proenza Schouler PS1 leather satchel

Back view

Compartments galore!

I freakin' love the solid metal tab

Only slightly slouchy right now, cos it's new

Held briefcase-style

Casual and slung on the shoulder

Thursday, May 1 (4:24 PM)

Cutest custom-made hair clips ever

Libby is the creative genius behind - a site that boasts non-stop cuteness in the form of adorable little hair clips. Better yet, it's all custom-made so you can personalise as you please! Prices start at just $4.95 for a set of 2.. we all loooove a bargain :D

LE POMMIER leather shoes

Saturday, February 9 (7:57 PM)

Bought some divine 100% leather Japanese-imported Le Pommier leather shoes whilst in Singapore! I like really random, loud stuff.. and these shoes are just hilarious - they're mismatched and totally cute :P Made totally of leather, they're also super soft with a padded sole, and the small chunky heel means they're really comfortable. The cute leather appliques are totally adorable, and make a cat and birds-in-a-tree design - soooo cute! Plus the strap is removable so I can wear them as pumps instead (but I have to put in a heel-grip to make the shoe smaller since I'm about a size smaller but they'd sold out). Really love 'em, now I want them in more designs :P

Le Pommier leather shoe