Wednesday, March 30 (10:10 PM)

Today was a fabulous mail day! I love those days when you feel like it's your birthday :P I got 5 happy packages that totally made my day *lol*

LOUIS VUITTON damier cles - been wanting this for *ages*. w

LOUIS VUITTON epi pochette - so so so lovely. The leather
is just gorgeous! Fits neatly on my shoulder too.

COACH cell phone case - but unfortunately this doesn't fit my
phone. Grrr!!! So now I have to resell it. It's so cute too :(

COACH jotter pad - really like this as it's so functional.
I love having a little pen and notebook handy!

PURSEKET - *love* this one. It's this pocket thing that fits
inside your purse, so you can organise your stuff instead.
So functional and what a terrific idea!