Tuesday, March 22 (6:01 PM)

I went to the Louis Vuitton store (again!) today and met THE NICEST EVER SALESGIRL. Her name is Zoe, she's amazing! We chatted for almost an hour and we played with almost all the bags and shoes in the store :P It was so fun, hehe. Imagine a salesgirl that just spends almost an hour with you, and you don't buy anything, AND she's still nice and eager to chat with you.. I find that amazing. She's was so pretty and sweet and we swapped LV stories and tips and she was all excited 'cos she said I knew more about the product than she did, *lol*! She thought my Brera suited me perfectly too :D

She's going to call me when the new Cerise Shoes come in so I can try them on.. but apparently they'll only bring in size US6 and I'm a US5 or US5.5.. Booo!!!! And she took my address down so she can send me the LV catalog next week :D In all it's glossy colourful glory!

Anyway, she was just divine. I highly recommend asking for her if you plan on buying something from the Sydney City store, she's just an angel!