Wednesday, March 9 (11:28 AM)

Welcome to myfashionpassion.com - a website dedicated to fun, fabulous fashion!

What is myfashionpassion.com?
This site was started because I want to chronicle the latest and greatest trends in beauty and fashion. It is 100% unabashedly about all things pretty and in fashion. I created this site to indulge in my girly side and so as to keep this interest somewhat separate to my own personal website. It’s a frivolous indulgence that was created on a whim, and I hope like-minded fashionistas find this useful!

Who am I?
My name is Beverly, I’m 23, and I currently live in Australia. I work at eBay and am loving it! In my spare time, you’ll find me buying and selling up a storm on eBay, as well as trading on Makeupalley.com. You might also know me from the eBay boards, Makeupalley boards, Vogue boards or Louis Vuitton boards.


BEVERLY - the creator of myfashionpassion.com

ROBIN - My name is Robin and I'm an aspiring Louis Vuitton collector. I am a lover of all things pink, fashionable, and luxurious!

APRIL - My name is April. I love shopping, all pretty things, Sephora, and Coach!