LOUIS VUITTON fortune keyring

Friday, June 3 (9:53 AM)

Louis Vuitton
Natural Cowhide Fortune Keychain - $170.00

Louis Vuitton presents a distinctive keychain in classic natural cowhide that bears a playful message of good fortune, adapted from an early 1900s advertisement. Sitting next to a vintage Louis Vuitton image, the stamped message translates as "Fortune smiles on owners of Louis Vuitton wallets." Beyond doubt, a must for Louis Vuitton aficionados!

* Natural cowhide and golden brass
* Signature yellow topstitching
* Stamped with vintage Louis Vuitton message and image
* Keychain reads "La Fortune sourit aux possesseurs de portefeuilles de Louis Vuitton" ("Fortune smiles on owners of Louis Vuitton wallets")
* Louis Vuitton Nice boutique address stamped under message
* Golden brass key ring and D-ring (hooks on to Louis Vuitton bags) engraved with Louis Vuitton signature
* 4.2" x 1.6"

Personally, I don't really like it. The font looks like it's from a counterfeit item.