BALENCIAGA sky blue bags

Tuesday, April 18 (9:18 PM)

Balenciaga sky-blue City

Balenciaga sky-blue City VS pewter City

Balenciaga sky-blue coin pouch

Balenciaga's now discontinued sky-blue colour is one of their most stunning, IMHO. It's the sweetest baby blue, but just saturated enough to really pop! I originally had the smaller version, the First, but decided I preferred the larger City size.. so I sold the First on eBay and promptly got the City size instead (above).

The leather is the old-style leather, super soft and thick.. Balenciaga's new leather is really thin and crackly - not so nice :( To match it, I also got the sky-blue coin pouch in a partial-trade with a friend, for my Louis Vuitton fuschia ludlow. Hurray! :)