Saturday, May 6 (10:11 PM)

I bought a Powerball! Y'see.. I'm every marketer's dream - I'll see an ad in a magazine or on TV, and I instantly want the product *groans* You'd think that I'd know better since I'm now working IN marketing.. but noooooo. Advertising still gets me every time! I did a search on eBay and found a ton selling there, so I bought mine there - since it was so much cheaper than retail for a new-in-box Powerball.

Anyway, I read that this was great for exercising your arms and wrists. I always get RSI from using the computer so much, so I thought it'd be a good idea. And OKAY OKAY, it looked cute too!! I'm pretty fascinated with it.. I finally figured out how to use it and it really does work out my arms - *ouch*! Just 3 mins of using it and I couldn't grip my fork when I was eating lunch afterwards. On second thoughts.. maybe that was only because I'm such a weakling with spindly arms. Hrm.