ALANNAH HILL skirt & hat

Wednesday, June 21 (12:41 PM)

Alannah Hill 'I Want A Pony' silk skirt

Alannah Hill 'Tea Rose' hat

The reason why I think Alannah Hill is such a fabulous designer is because:
1) She's Australian - it's always nice to support the country you're living in!
2) I'm convinced the mannequin she uses to design her clothes have exactly my measurements

Her designs are always super feminine, soft and floaty. Not to mention they always fix me exactly, so much so that I often buy on eBay or from the boutique without trying them on first - I just know it'll fit. I particularly love this 'I Want A Pony' skirt because it's so swingy and soft - it looks fairly standard in the photo, but hugs in all the right places when it's worn, and flairs out past the hips - too cute!

The hat's also my new favourite. Now that it's winter, it's the best way to keep my head warm without having to wear a boring black beanie. It's incredibly soft and just so sweet :)