BALENCIAGA turquoise 05 mini twiggy

Tuesday, June 13 (9:10 AM)

Balenciaga turquoise 05 mini twiggy

Clockwise: Skyblue City, Teal City, Turquoise 05 Mini Twiggy

The new Balenciaga leather just doesn't cut it with me - it's too veiny and crackly.. and I just can't be bothered conditioning it to 'wear' it down to the smooth, thick, supple leather that the previous seasons' boast. So now I've taken to trying to source out the previous seasons' leather bags, which is easier said than done since everyone else seems to have the same idea *lol*!

I finally got wind of a pretty little Balenciaga turquoise 05 mini twiggy that the Susan's boutique in the USA had sitting on the shelves. Most people aren't completely sold by the mini twiggy size, they feel it's too small on them. But I just love it - it's small but packs a punch and fits more in than the First size, imho. And it's adorable!

The group photo above shows the colour variations between the 3 different blue/greens from previous seasons - all are discontinued now so I'm happy I got my hands on them when I did! *skips*