Sunday, September 3 (7:14 PM)


I am wholly convinced that the Asics GEL-KAYANO XII are the best sports shoes ever.

Recently, I've been having tons of problems with my knees and ankles, so I was after a pair of running shoes to protect them as much as possible. There's just something seriously wrong with my kneecaps - I can run UPhill, but I can't run DOWNhill.. my knees absolutely scream with pain afterwards.. to the point where I can't really stand up after I sit down.

When I asked around, almost everyone I asked swore up-and-down that it was the best and most elite of running shoes. Apparently, it's a "technical training shoe for the serious high mileage athlete." - makes me a bit embarassed as I'm not reaaaaaally a "high mileage athlete" but oh well :P

The shoes are just brilliant. They really do have this *bounce* factor in them, and my knees are no longer sore when I run. I'm amazed. I'd thought that the knee-pain was due to my own body being dumb.. it never occured to me that shoes could play such a big role! I'm now a convert. Asics all the way!