JURLIQUE skincare

Monday, October 23 (10:45 AM)

I've been completely converted to Jurlique skincare.

I started off first by buying the Face Wash Cream earlier this week, as I'd seen rave reviews on Makeupalley.com. Turns out the raves are true. I've never been totally convinced a cleanser changes my skin after the 1st use, but this literally did. I was surprised that it wasn't really a "cream" per se, more like some soft of paste which you mix with a few drops of water, and it contains oatmeal and such. Sounds irritating and like an exfoliant, but you only press it gently in and it's not scrubby or rough at all, just super soothing. My skin felt so strange afterwards, all baby soft and smooth, it was pretty surreal! A lovely subtle lingering scent afterwards too. Was so impressed with it as I've never used a cleanser that made my skin feel this way.

Also got the Calendula Cream as I was looking for a soothing cream for my skin - for dry bits or irritated bits and such. I love using this as a day moisturiser - it's light and makes my skin matte but not dry. I had bits of dry flaky skin around my mouth and after using it for 1 day, the dry bits have gone.

It's actually not the first time I've used Jurlique. I've used their Foaming Face Wash before, and adore it. But now that my skin's more Normal instead of Oily, it's too harsh for me. Anyway, based on those 2 great products, I went to their store to have a sticky-beak around. Turns out they were having a special: Get a Jurlique personalised facial for $45 and redeem it on products afterwards. BRILLIANT! And luckily, they had a vacant spot right there-and-then, as a customer didn't turn up for her appointment. So in I trotted into their treatment room and spent 45 luxurious minutes getting a super soothing facial. I'm actually a bit averse to facials - they seem too rough on my skin and my skin always seems a notch worse afterwards. With this, she used all the most soothing products (each of which she explained as she applied), complete with shoulder, neck, head and arm massage! Heavenly.

So ended up getting 3 more products that I'm totally impressed with:

Arnica Cream - to help get rid of my red marks on my cheeks, which drive me completely insane. Also for my dark eye circles. I don't actually have high hopes for this, as I don't think any cream actually can get rid of the 2 aforementioned issues, but we'll see!

Deep Penetrating Cream Mask - I've been using hydrating masks lately, and the clay-based cleansing masks have been too harsh on my skin. This one seems like a hybrid, it soaks into the skin and makes my face feel all plump and nice afterwards, yet doesn't irritate. Oh, and it smells completely divine :)

Day Care Face Oil - this is one of the loveliest products. I use it straight after the shower when my face is damp, and just press a few drops onto my whole face. It smells amazing, is really soothing, and absorbs after a few minutes leaving my skin super soft. LOVE IT!!

The lovely SA also gave me a cute little baggy of free samples - a decently-sized bottle of Foaming Facial Wash, this time for "All Skin Types", their new formulation apparently. I used it last night and it foamed up beautifully from just a tiny drop and smells amazing. It didn't irritate my skin, which was great! I may get the full-sized version of this when I'm done with my other cleansers, or get the Sensitive Skin cream version. Also included was their insanely popular Neck Serum, but I found that totally un-interesting.. I guess mainly because I don't have a saggy neck or any issues with it. And also a sachet of Day Care Face Cream but I haven't tried that out yet. And a Cleansing Lotion which is really nice but not really that different compared to other good milky makeup removers. And Lavender Hand Cream, which I'm a huuuge fan of - one of the best hand creams on the market (besides Aesop's).

Totally recommend their stuff! If you just want to start off with ONE product to try it out, I'd recommend the Face Wash Cream, it makes a noticable difference after just the first time. Second product I'd recommend is the Day Care Face Oil, because of the gorgeous light scent and how light and soothing it is. Super products all round though, and it's all natural and such. With my sensitive, normal skin.. it works a charm :)

The products I bought after my facial,
forgot to take a pic of the other 2 products I bought beforehand!

Jurlique GWP set worth $120, that came free!