BALENCIAGA Seafoam 2004

Wednesday, November 15 (8:43 PM)

Balenciaga's most coveted color is their Seafoam 2004.. and accordingly, it's like winning the lottery - damn hard to get ;) Finally, finally managed to get my hands on it, HURRAY! Since it features the older seasons' leather, it's super slouchy and buttery-soft.. absolutely divine. The colour is beautiful, a light aqua, but I actually think I prefer the Magenta, and Turquoise 05 colours more - they're just really vibrant and stunning, whereas this Seafoam is more soft/pastel.

I'm actually thinking I'm back on the First's size. I'm just a bit too petite for the City size, so they look a little massive on me. The First really does suit my frame best, only problem is that I always lug around so much stuff (book/magazine and jacket are staples) that the City suits. Anyway, I like this Seafoam First so far, so we'll see how we go :)

Balenciaga Seafoam 2004 First