BALENCIAGA magenta First

Saturday, January 20 (1:19 PM)

I've decided that the Balenciaga First bag is the nicest size on me - it's not too big but will fit in all the essentials. Got a Magenta First (actually got it in Dec as my last 2006 Balenciaga purchase) and I'm really happy with this particular one because the leather variation is perfect, the colour is really vibrant and the leather smell is intoxicating :)~

Balenciaga Magenta First

BUT, I've also gone on a mad rampage selling my stuff to help compensate. So far made almost $5,000 (hurray!!) selling:

Louis Vuitton indigo french purse

Louis Vuitton speedy 25

Balenciaga teal city

Balenciaga turquoise 05 mini twiggy