CHANEL nail polish

Friday, March 30 (5:32 PM)

Bought this pretty Chanel 'Beige Rose' nail polish for Mum to paint on her toenails for the wedding (it matches her gold evening dress!).. and I can also use it on my nails later, since it's a really subtle beige/gold with a hint of pink. I love how understated it is :)

Whilst I was at the counter, the sweet SA applied the Stage Lights eyeshadow quad on me.. I never thought I'd wear purples on the eye, but it turned out looking pretty nice! It was fairly subtle and soft, which I liked. I might either get that, or the Nymphea quad, which is various shades of green/gold.

Stage Lights eyeshadow quad, but looking like I have no lashes since I didn't curl or use mascara. D'oh!

It's a lot brighter/colourful in real life, I couldn't get it to photograph properly!