Saturday, June 23 (10:14 AM)

My super-talented friend made me a wonderful gift(s) - Balenciaga braids!!! They're made using an assortment of Balenciaga bags' leather tassels, braided together and decorated with a sprinkle of sparkly charms. Sooooo gorgeous. It's hard to capture it in photos, but in real life they're really delicate, pretty and sparkle in the light. And the braids are really soft since that's what Balenciaga's famous for. Best part is that I can hang them on not only my Balenciaga bags but also my other ones. The blue/green braid looks awesome on my Rusty turquoise bag, for starters :D

My favourite colours? CHECK.
Soft Balenciaga leather? CHECK.
Sparkly crystals? CHECK.
Unadulterated girliness? CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Balenciaga braids!

Hangin' on my Balenciaga Magenta First

Her collection