LOUIS VUITTON tambour watch

Monday, July 2 (8:37 PM)

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?????????!!

Been eyeing the Louis Vuitton tambour watch for almost 2 years now, and finally decided to get it. I decided to swap the pink leather band for the steel one though. It looks so much better IMHO! And best yet, it's custom-fit to my wrist.. and I can take it back to the boutique to make it bigger in summer if I choose. I really really love it and it's a great *ahem* investment piece since it will last forever. I know people treat Rolex and Omega as investment pieces, but for the price, I'd much rather my Louis Vuitton - a brand that I actually love, instead of spending $$ on some random brand just because it's expensive. I can't stop staring at the watch on my wrist now... I LOVE IT! *happy dance*

Louis Vuitton tambour watch

Close-up of watch face

With "lovely pink" leather band

With steel band

So sleek!

"Louis Vuitton" embossed around the rim, and the logo on the 'lil dial. Too cute :D