Friday, November 16 (5:10 PM)

Got this super cute Luisa Clare owl leather bag. I'm a fan of her handbags - they're all hand-made by her and she and her family are very very sweet. Not to mention the designs are all really unique and are awesome quality. This one caught my eye because it was just so darn cute - have not seen any bag like this ever! Various bits of leather was stitched to the front of the bag to create an owl and tree/leaves. It actually came with a brown strap but I'm a bright-colour girl, so her sister changed it to a red strap for me. Yay! It's super soft and holds about the same amount of stuff as the Balenciaga first, so I'm happy. Only request would be to add one or two inner pockets, as it's annoying having to fish around for my phone, hairbrush, etc, amongst all my other stuff. Love it though, and she gave me 10% off on top! :D

Luisa Clare owl leather bag

Close-up, how cute is it?!

Lined interior

Behind, with a little maple leaf

Size comparison against Balenciaga first

Also bought a cute Pink Zebra umbrella. They're actually a clothing store, boasting the most divine and softest cashmere clothing EVER. However they're all $300 and above so I haven't had the guts to buy anything there :X So I settled for an umbrella, heh! It has this lovely swish sound when opened and the quality is astounding. Plus I love the neat 'lil details like a little tassel, the detailed leather handle and the pretty scalloped edge.

Pink Zebra umbrella