Tuesday, December 18 (8:45 PM)

What's in the bag?

I've been eyeing the Louis Vuitton 'Tikal' ever since it came out.. just that turn-lock clasp alone made me weak at the knees :P It gives this really soft 'chink' with you turn the clasp, and because I have an obsessive-compulsive personality, I repeatedly go 'chink' whenever I carry it.. thus looking like a crazy person. Oh well!

It makes a really nice evening bag. Not too dressy but still nice enough to carry for a dinner. It fits in all my stuff too, and looks really chic on the shoulder IMHO :) The gold hardware makes it luxe and the monogram "LV" print isn't too big (since the bag itself isn't too big) so it isn't too in-your-face.

Now I just need more dinner functions to carry it to :P

Louis Vuitton 'Tikal'!

Sexy gold hardware :P