MIU MIU 'vitello lux' bow satchel

Tuesday, February 5 (7:35 PM)

After a particular difficult/tiring/stressful day at wrork, it all came to head and just got too much for me. So you know how people turn to alcohol to reduce stress? Well, I guess I found out that day that I turn to shopping instead :P So I walked down the road to The Corner Store @ The Strand Arcade, and saw this GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Miu Miu "Vitello Lux" handbag!! I've actually been eyeing it for quite a few months - I'm keen on a big bag to chuck all my things into, and I specifically want it really slouchy and soft, and leather of course. This fit the bill perfectly but I haven't bought a handbag in AGES (*proud*) and so was a bit reluctant to fork out the $$$$$$ for it.

But then when I'm stressed, things happen, so I got it :P At first, I put it back and walked out the store.. but 10mins later I decided I had to have it and walked back in and bought it! Bwahahahhahahhaa!!

I'm LOVING it. It smells unbelievably good, and is so soft and roomy inside. I like the neutral colour so it can just be my casual daytime bag to chuck all my junk into. And to help alleviate the guilty pleasure, I'll sell my Balenciaga rouge vif City bag to justify the purchase, heh!

Miu Miu "Vitello Lux" handbag in Grey

I love the leather bows and smooth gold hardware!

Peeking inside the roomy interior

Yeah I know it doesn't match my dress! It looks
better paired with jeans and a cute fitted tee

Vanessa Hudgens has it too, whee!
Except it looks way more chic on her, d'oh