Monday, September 28 (1:42 PM)

The sight of just the paper bag is enough to make my heart skip a beat -
how sad is that?! :P

Louis Vuittion 'neverfull' bag in Damier print

Whilst shopping in the new Ion Orchard in Singapore, I made a beeline for the Louis Vuitton boutique, which is huge. Absurdly, we had to queue to get in. It was jammed packed with people inside, like there was some sort of mega sale going on. Sadly, there was not. Everything was full price (LV never goes on sale), we're in an economic recession, yet people are still merrilly buying their hearts out.

Well, if you can't beat 'em, JOIN 'EM! ;)

Spent over an hour with Mum trying on various bags, making the poor salesman drag down bag after bag for us to paw. He was absolutely lovely though, really attentive and patient, despite the store being so crowded and us taking up so much time. Poor Dad was left on the couch where he was so bored he eventually got up to look for us :P After much deliberation, Mum decided she wouldn't get a new one after all... but I DID!!

I actually walked into the store intending to get the Louis Vuitton 'neverfull' PM bag. But whilst I was there, I spent ages trying on different bags, wanting to make sure I got the "perfect" one. After all that, I still ended up reverting back to the Neverfull.

I just love how it's incredibly light but sturdy, can expand out if I need to stuff it, and has thin handles (the thick ones slide off my shoulders). I also like how it's waterproof and won't get dirty easily, and how there's no huge LV logo(s) all over it. The downside is that it's the most popular bag, so every bum on the street has it too. D'oh! It was the reason why I was looking to get another style, but in the end I decided I love the Neverfull too much :)

Mine's the Damier print and whilst Mum has the identical bag, hers is the Monogram print. It's the small PM size, because the larger ones dwarf me. It fits beautifully on my shoulder and makes the perfect, casual, everyday bag. I'M LOVING IT :)

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