PUMA sale

Friday, March 18 (6:14 PM)

PUMA shoes sale on in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

EBAY Easter Cash Hunt

The eBay Australia Easter Cash Hunt

I really wish I could participate on this!! There are 5 $1,000 lots of cash every day for 5 days. Just follow the clues, find the auction and get $1,000 cash. GOOD LUCK everyone!

BANANA REPUBLIC Gabie Ballet Flats

I bought these shoes on eBay - Retail: US$108. I paid US$26!

I'm a US5 or 5.5, and these are tagged 5.5, but they're too big :( My feet slip out when I walk. I'm going to try and buy one of those heel-huggers and see if it'll fit me then. Otherwise, back onto eBay it'll go :( They're so lovely too! 100% leather with a leather sole to boot, and they look absolutely *adorable* on :P


Tuesday, March 15 (10:24 PM)

LOUIS VUITTON Cerise Pochette Clés - US$190

LOUIS VUITTON Cerise Pochette Accessoires - US$355

The LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Cerises line is the latest fruit of the creative partnership between Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami, the leading figure of Japanese Contemporary Art, designed for the Spring-Summer 2005 show. The serigraphy of Monogram Cerises is a brilliant example of a genuine technical process due to the intricacy and the extremely delicate nature of the pattern:

- Thin outliner : note the details of the stalk, leaf, eyes and veins of the cherry
- Number of colours : 15 colours to be successively layered one on top of the others
- Shades : colours are applied in shaded tones with various degrees of pigmentation to achieve this exceptional effect

This intense, bright and appetizing red fruit sprinkles the Monogram canvas with communicative joy. This new pattern gives freshness and cheerfulness with all its attitudes, in 4 different ways.

1. Single smiling cherry couple, with leaf
2. Cherry couples : smiling / surprised
3. Cherry couples : head-to-toe
4. Small cherries single : smiling / surprised

Showcased in the photos above are my favourite picks from the Cerise collection!

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Inclusion Bracelet GM - $330

Monday, March 14 (10:34 PM)

I saw this bracelet at the Louis Vuitton store and it was gorgeous! All pink and glittering. But w-h-y do they make the bangle so utterly unbelievably massive? It actually can go past my elbow and onto my upper arm. It should be called an "arm band" and not a "bracelet". I also really liked the ring, but it didn't even fit on my thumb! :(

"Inspired by the 1950s, Louis Vuitton presents a playfully glamorous bracelet with chic iconic themes. Golden LVs and Monogram flowers mingle elegantly with small Swarovski rhinestones in the translucent resin base."

* Resin base
* Floating golden LVs and Monogram flowers
* Small floating Swarovski rhinestones

However, the Monogram Inclusion Hair Clip - $220.00 at least fits :) It's so pretty!

"Perfectly complementing the Cruise collection, Louis Vuitton's playfully glamorous hair clip pairs golden LVs and Monogram flowers with a translucent resin base, while small floating Swarovski crystals add sparkle to the chic shine."

* Resin base
* Floating golden LVs and Monogram flowers
* Small floating Swarovski rhinestones
* Golden hair clip closure


Sunday, March 13 (9:25 PM)

Spencer & Rutherford is a gorgeous Australian handbag/accessories brand. Their products feature incredible detail and are delightfully bright and colourful! The photos above are of my favourite Spencer & Rutherford bag - it's satin with detailed beading and sequins all over it. My favourite part is how roomy the interior is! Even my ferret Misty wanted in on the action ;)