COACH cell phone case for sale

Friday, April 8 (10:34 AM)

I'm selling my authentic Coach red signature cell phone case. It's made of leather and oh-so-gorgeous, but I've decided my phone doesn't fit into it properly. It has never been used and comes with Coach dustbag and Coach box.

Swarovski Crystal Strawberry Charms

Thursday, April 7 (8:00 PM)

These little gems look better in real life than in the photos. They're made of Swarovski crystals and can be hung on your phone or bag. Shaped in a cute strawberry, a little bell is nestled inside - how cute!

A friend of mine is selling these sweet charms. Let me know your email if you're interested in getting one and I'll pass your interest to her :)

LOUIS VUITTON pochette extender

Wednesday, April 6 (8:30 PM)

This little gem is a Louis Vuitton pochette extender. The regular Louis Vuitton pochettes don't have a very long strap, and are more of a bag you hold in your hand or put on your forearm, than you would drape over your shoulder.

So if you want to carry it as a shoulder bag, you pop on the Pochette Extender and it lengthens it by 3.5" - the perfect length to put over your shoulder. The Pochette Extender also doubles-up as a keychain, hooking onto the D-ring of your Louis Vuitton (or any other) bag. It's great :)

COACH Optic Signature Ladybug Applique


Rhinestones and a cute ladybug are appliquéd on this bag. It’s the ideal size for all your essentials.

* Inside zip pocket
* Cellphone/multi-function pocket
* Ring to clip accessory or keyfob
* Two open pockets under flap
* Open back pocket
* Buckle tab with magnetic snap closure
* Optic signature jacquard fabric with metallic leather, patent lather and vachetta trim
* Ladybug applique
* Fabric lining
* 33 1/2” adjustable strap with dogleash clips
* 9 1/2 (L) x 5 1/8 (H) x 4 1/2 (W)

How Spring!

Price: $328

GODIVA Spring Ballotin

Monday, April 4 (7:44 AM)

Godiva Spring Ballotin

How could anyone not be charmed by a ladybug wearing a feather boa? This magnet, of course, is the spring accompaniment to our classic Gold Ballotin. Inside, our best-loved assortment of milk, dark, and white chocolate with nuts, creams, ganache, and caramels.