Saturday, April 16 (3:30 PM)

Fancy getting your mum something special for Mother's Day? Louis Vuitton has some fantastic new items. These are a few of my favourites:

More photos of new items here:
Louis Vuitton mini malle pendant charms

Louis Vuitton flower hair pin

Louis Vuitton flower necklace

Louis Vuitton monogram cerise bandana

Louis Vuitton monogram cerise bandana

Cherry Crystal Earrings

Friday, April 15 (6:29 PM)

I found out about SUZZ last week and bought a pair of adorable cherry crystal earrings. They were cheap and they charged exact postage! A real breath of fresh air from the plethora of online stores out there that fleece their buyers with "shipping and handling" costs. It arrived beautifully gift wrapped and oh-so-GORGEOUS!! They're so sparkly and sweet, and they look so adorable on :)

COACH silk scarf with diamantes

Here's a better picture of my Coach scarf.

This colorful new striped scarf comes in an oblong shape and is as pretty as it is versatile.

* Imported silk twill
* 12 x 60

Price: US$58


Thursday, April 14 (12:57 PM)

I'm a real sucker for eBay merchandise. This is my new eBay keychain and eBay calculator! The keychain is nicer in real life than in the pic, IMHO. It's more delicate-looking and pretty. And the calculator is fascinating - press the button and it 'unfolds' by itself.

You can get yours too at The eBay Store.

COACH silk scarf with diamantes

Wednesday, April 13 (9:32 PM)

This pretty Coach silk scarf has such a fab, spring feel to it! It's floaty and thin and I love how it's a skinny scarf instead of a square scarf. I like it best tied around the waist as a belt. The "COACH" written out in diamantes just give it the cutest, girly touch. I haven't seen this on the officla Coach website but it should be in Coach boutiques as current stock.

TIFFANY & CO in Brisbane

Tuesday, April 12 (8:48 PM)

This just in - Tiffany & Co will be opening a Brisbane store at the end of the year. The planned location is the Ground floor of Queens Plaza on Queen Street.