COACH Soho Wallet

Thursday, April 21 (8:34 AM)

My new COACH Soho Wallet came today! I just fell in love with the gorgeous metal-clasp Soho design. Plus I love how slim it is, even when you stuff coins in there.

COACH makes the best wallets IMHO. They're very affordable and the quality is just superb. Plus I'm really fussy about the size/shape/etc of my wallets and COACH always seems to make ones that are just-so!


Wednesday, April 20 (5:48 PM)

I got an HERMES Twilly Scarf today. Yes, I am totally obsessed with scarves now. I liked this one as it was different to my Coach scarf - both are 100% silk but the Coach one is more chiffon-like, and this Hermes one is more silky/satin. It's also a lot skinner than the Coach, and shorter too. No more scarf-buying for me now though, 1 pink and 1 blue is enough! Here are some pics - I know it looks shocking with my outfit (though I do love my eBay tee!), couldn't be bothered to change to look nicer in the photo. Oh well!

RUE21 Monkey PJ set

Tuesday, April 19 (8:46 PM)

I was surfing the net today and came across this adorable RUE21 Monkey PJ Set. It reminded me of my cousin, she likes monkeys :) Unbelievably, it's only US$5.99 for the set!