LOUIS VUITTON perle vernis

Thursday, May 5 (7:57 AM)

LOUIS VUITTON perle vernis collection

Those 3 pieces are my top picks. I love the shimmery snowy white! I think I still prefer the Indigo french purse, since the deep blue means the surface it won't get scuffed as easily.


Sunday, May 1 (10:15 PM)

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

I love how roomy this is! It also fits my Purseket organiser. The Speedy 25 does have a tendancy to sag at the bottom, since the bag is so light and soft. My remedy? I cut an eBay mouse pad that I had and it's perfect as a base - hard enough to prevent sagging but still soft so it doesn't scratch. It's such a roomy bag :)