LOUIS VUITTON cerise mules

Thursday, May 26 (6:56 PM)

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Cerises Open-Toe Mule 7cm

The perfect complement to the Monogram Cerises bags created with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, Louis Vuitton's pretty mules burst with freshness and joy. The vivid red of the cherries is accented by the red leather trim and bright red soles. Finished with a natural cowhide bow, a truly seductive mule.

* Monogram Cerises canvas with natural cowhide and red leather trim
* Monogram Cerises is a creation of Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton
* Signature yellow topstitching
* Natural cowhide bow detail trimmed with red leather
* Red suede calfskin soles with yellow topstitching
* 2.8" polished stacked heel

FAERIESMAK cupcake necklace

Wednesday, May 25 (9:21 PM)

Found this online store: Fairiesmak. They sell THE MOST ADORABLE JEWELLERY! Really cute charms - FOOD CHARMS to be exact. Hahahah!! They were so me :P I got a cute cupcake necklace, and it's really adorable. Totally recommend the store, tell her I sent you if you buy something :)

CHANEL diamante sunglasses

CHANEL diamante sunglasses

I found this seller on eBay that owns a eyeglass/sunglasses store in the USA.. As you (may?) know, stores in Australia have a serious mark-up on their goods - by that, I mean anything ranging from 20% to over 300%. Well, Chanel sunglasses are no different - the pair I was eyeing was almost $500 (!!) in the store here, and I found this online store selling them for over HALF PRICE!!!! So I got them :) They fit like a dream and I love love love the cute diamantes on the sides!

LOUIS VUITTON indigo collection

LOUIS VUITTON Indigo french purse & cles

A fairly new Vernis color (along with the Perle Vernis). According to the Louis Vuitton SA, it's made different to the other Vernis colors, and features greater 'depth' of color and shimmer. One of the prettiest colors, IMHO!

CHANEL Python Cambon Pochette

Monday, May 23 (8:43 AM)

CHANEL Python Cambon Pochette

Saw this in Harper's Bazaar magzine today. Newly released, it looks far better than the regular version (with the black CC's) IMHO! Retails US$795 in the USA, but ~US$1,600 here in Australia :(