Monday, June 13 (5:36 PM)

Thse are my cosmetics/skincare purchased and used in Singapore so far.. I thought I'd post mini reviews about them for any fellow beauty addicts out there!

LANCOME Pure Focus cleanser
A standard foamy cleanser that makes my skin feel super clean

LANCOME Pure Focus lotion
This is more for oily skin so while it was great on my tzone, my cheeks still need a little more moisture

LANCOME Pure Focus mattifying toner
LOVE using this on my t-zone when I'm in Singapore. Could not live without it! I use it every single morning.

LANCOME Blanc Expert Whitening Anti-Dark Circles Eye Treatment
Specifically for getting rid of dark circles.. it feels nice after application and makes my under-eye area feel smooth, but I need to use this for a few more weeks before reporting on any results

BIOTHERM celluli-zone
To get rid of cellulite. Feels great but who knows if it actually works..

BIOTHERM White Detox Makeup Base Instant Lightening Effect
This is really nice!!! A little thick on my combination skin in Singapore's humidity, so I intend to use this when I'm back in Australia. It makes my skin glowy and is a great base before foundation.

BIOTHERM White Detox Whitening Soothing Essence
I use this as a moisturizer before bed. Giving it a few weeks to see if it works!

LA PRAIRIE Cellular Purifying Blemish Control
This is *amazing*!!! I had a little zit on my chin that formed yesterday, so I put this on before bed, and the zit popped out this morning. Love it!

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
Everyone loves this.. I bought 2 boxes worth and only got around to using one of the masks 2 days ago. Feels fantastic and so soothing. After 20 mins, I took the mask off and went straight to bed without rinsing - I figured the Piteria essence would absorb overnight and it'd be good for my skin. However the next morning, I woke up with 2 zits. Co-incidence? Not sure.. I'll try another mask this week and see if it happens again.

Bought some Ettusais and Kose skincare products today (I've never used Asian/Japanese skincare before, so now I'm going nuts over it!) so will report back later on how they work :)

2005 designer wear

My favourites from the 2005 collections. These are fabulous for work wear!