Belgian chocolates

Friday, July 1 (10:07 PM)

Amazing gourmet Belgian truffle chocolates!! They are so so so so smooth and creamy and yum - they rank right up there with Royce and Godiva.

Amazing Belgian chocolates

Cell Phone charms

Thursday, June 30 (9:33 PM)

These gorgeous cell phone accessories are just adorable! I never knew so much could be done to phones to dress them up ;) Some of my favourites:




Sticker with dangling charm

Mini snack food

Mirror sticker

Reasonable shipping prices and they take PayPal too! Visit the website here:

20% off Madame Korner

Monday, June 27 (8:30 PM)

20% off Madame Korner

Exclusive discount offer available in Australia until August 1, 2005.

Manufactured in Australia from the finest natural ingredients in the world. Madame Korner products are kind to your precious skin. Originally designed for professional salon use, they proved to be so popular they evolved into the current skin care range.

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