Friday, July 8 (9:42 PM)

My lovely Strapya order came in! I just love it :) I ended up getting stickers (for my phone and digital camera), a Japanese snack charm (utterly adorable), a burger charm (so cute!) and a mirror sticker. Everything came perfectly wrapped and just wonderful. I'm definitely ordering from them again - it took only 3 days from Japan to Australia!! Plus their customer support is absolutely outstanding :)

BRACEWELL jeans, DIOR foundation

Sunday, July 3 (9:36 PM)

The perfect pair of jeans at Bracewell. And they come in this gorgeous cloth bag, not those regular nasty 'ol plastic bags many stores put your purchases in :P

Also finally got my hands on the new Christian Dior airflash - I've been eyeing it online for the past few months, waiting for it to come to Australia so I could test it out first. I've tried a lot of foundations, so most don't excite me. But frankly, I was amazed with this one. I tested it in the store and it is so so so even in application, and leaves this beautiful coverage and super smooth skin. I've honestly never seen any other foundation that gives the same look and finish as this one does. It was just astounding!