LOUIS VUITTON indigo and fuschia cles

Tuesday, September 6 (6:21 PM)

Comparison pics of Louis Vuitton's Indigo cles and Fuschia cles. Both are limited edition colors - so gorgeous! :)

FREDERIC FEKKAI Hair Mask with Shea Butter

FREDERIC FEKKAI Hair Mask with Shea Butter

The words "mask" and "shea butter" instantly made me think this is one super-duper ultra moisturizing hair mask. Sephora was lovely and made me a massive sample of this that was enough to last me a week.

Upon application, I was really surprised that this didn't feel like a conditioner at all - it had little 'slip' and did not feel like it was moisturizing. In fact, when I rinsed it out, my hair was really knotty and did not feel soft or moisturized. I was pretty unimpressed.. However, after my hair dried, I noticed that it was super-soft and smooth. I did apply some gloss serum for shine, but my hair was still significantly softer than normal. And it smelled great :)

From website:
Vital treatment for dry, flyaway, lackluster hair, this super restorative mask contains pure shea butter, well known for its moisturizing properties. Leaves hair refreshed and revitalized. Ideal for ultra-dry, thick or unruly hair. 9.0 oz. Made in USA.