CHANEL kitschy jewellery

Sunday, December 11 (11:53 AM)

This Chanel ladybug bracelet doesn't work so well as a bracelet, IMHO. Why? Well, the charms aren't actually attached to the bracelet, so they're free to move around. And because of the powers of gravity, the charms always end up at the bottom, under my wrist.. which means not only can I not see them, but they also whack against the table when I type. So I ended up taking them off the bracelet and putting them on my own necklace chain - much better :)

I normally prefer dangly earrings, but these Chanel camelia earrings was an exception :) I like how bright and cheery they are, and how subtle the branding is, so it doesn't scream CHANEL. I'm still trying to find the dangly version of this (I believe they exist, but have been discontinued), and will sell this pair if I find them!

I thought these Alannah Hill "Gone Dotty" heels matched the above jewellery so well. I couldn't resist! I saw a colleage wearing them at our Christmas party and fell in love :) They're so cute and spunky, love 'em.