ALANNAH HILL collection

Wednesday, January 18 (9:33 PM)

I was looking at the Alannah Hill forum on MSN groups and spotted so many gorgeous gems. I hadn't even seen most of them in the stores! Or at least if they were in stock, they wouldn't have escaped my hawk eyes :P Here are my favourites.. thanks to the lovely girls on MSN for the photos:

Driving my Mercedes Jacket
this would look fantastic for work!

Come Back to Bed Hoodie
I did actually see this, but the material itches me :( Damn skin!

Whispered Fears Skirt
So wonderfully girly, yet decent

Princess In Sibera cape
Absolutely breathtaking!

That Afterglow Necklace
Such a lovely necklace

Pearl bracelet
This would never fit my wrist, but I still love it

AMBER GAYE accessories

Sunday, January 15 (2:33 PM)

I've been eyeing Amber Gaye's website for a while.. lusting over her pretty leather accessories. She even sent me sample swatches of the leather so I could decide on the colour! I'd decided on the silver, but wanted to see it in person before buying. She has a stall at Paddington Markets and it had a huge array of bags/clutches etc in all colours of the rainbow. Ended up getting the silver one I originally wanted - it's really soft and smells great, and the silver turnlock clasp finishes it off perfectly! Plus, there's a mini zip-up pouch that buttons to the inside of the purse.. too cute :)

The outside

Pretty pink inside. The mini pouch is perfect for my keys!

Against my Balenciaga pewter bag

Handmade Earrings

I'm totally fascinated with hand-made earrings. Err.. even though I can't actually make them (too uncreative). A few of my friends have started making their own jewellery and it's all so gorgeous!