LOUIS VUITTON framboise vernis

Friday, March 3 (5:10 PM)

I'm a big fan of matching accessories, it's like I have ODD sometimes, they just have to match ;) So here's my little Louis Vuitton framboise vernis family! I ended up selling the fuschia ludlow wallet and got this framboise one instead.. I like the colour more :) The vernis range is the most beautiful one, imho. The colour just *sparkles* and everything smells so lush. Plus, this is pink! Totally indulgent and girly :P

I've also decided to sell my Louis Vuitton croissant bag. It's listed on eBay so you can search for it there or leave your email address if you're interested :)

Brand Advertising

Tuesday, February 28 (6:26 PM)

I'm in love with these adorable eBay flip flops! They're perfect for the beach and... get this... they make "eBay" prints in the sand :D Too cute!

I'm also fascinated with this Google purse hook. The idea is simple - hang it on the table and pop your bag on it and voila! No need to place your precious handbag on the dirty floor or balence it precariously on your lap. There really are some fashion-savvy people over yonder at Google ;)

And finally we have a Blogger tee. Because, really, every self-respecting blogger should have one. Now, where's mine?!