Swarovski DIY jewellery

Tuesday, March 7 (11:17 PM)

Lately, a few colleagues at work have been getting into the whole DIY jewellery craft. And so have a few of my online friends. I saw the beauties that they created, so I eagerly wanted to try it out for myself too. I bought some Swarovski crystals from the bead shop at The Rocks, Sydney, and merrily threaded away.

Verdict? Definitely not as easy as it looks! Or maybe I just have no patience. It took me over half an hour just to make a necklace, earrings and bracelet. A precious half hour that could have been spent surfing eBay instead, mind you! The outcome was really simple.. and I think the colours are all kind of random since I have no eye for design. But it's sparkly and it's cute, so I'll wear it :)

Books Books Books

Lately I've been on a health kick.. for the first time in my life, I started exercising regularly (ie. jogging home from work 2-3x a week) and eating well (or at least trying to!). I've voraciously read tons of books on health & fitness, courtesy of the library. Now I've turned my attention to the lighter, more amusing, side of fitness ;)

French Women Don't Get Fat is a nice, light-hearted read. I wouldn't actually consider it a learning experience though, since what she says is quite obvious. The only thing that really interested me about the book is that the author is CEO of Clicquot (wine company), which is owned by LVMH (aka Louis Vuitton). Haha!

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit was purchased because it had a pink cover. Nah, seriously, it was because I really related to the title. And admittedly, I judged the book by it's cover because it was pretty :P I haven't read this yet.. I'm bringing it with me on my business trip since I'm leaving tomorrow.

Everyone Worth Knowing I instantly grabbed because it was written by the same author as The Devil Wears Prada - one of my favourite fashionholic books of all time. I have high hopes for this book, I've heard great things about it!


Since I've now 'converted' to a fitter lifestyle, I've been looking for a simple bag that I can fling across myself when I walk or jog home from the office. It had to be small, and it had to be comfortable. And it had to be pretty :D

This cute little Fossil bag perfectly suited what I was after. You can buy a similar one online at their website as well.

Jimmy Choo

Monday, March 6 (7:18 PM)

I'm not really a shoe girl. They don't really interest me and I don't spend much $$ on them. That is, until I spied these Jimmy Choo stilettos selling at David Jones. I'd previously been eyeing eBay for a pair of bejwelled sandals, but certainly didn't expect to find the pair I wanted in a store! And they had just one pair left - in my size. It was a sign :D Seriously.

eBay gear

EGADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THIS EBAY MERCHANDISE!!!!!!!! I've been cooking (or at least trying to) quite a bit in the past week and the eBay aprons would be perfect. And nothing beats a light-up eBay necklace, since I can't go to eBay Live this year. And eBay lego featuring the company values? Priceless!!!

Must...... buy.........