Sunday, April 2 (5:10 PM)

I was overseas most of March.. in a couple of countries, but spent most of my time in the USA and Singapore.

Bought the Louis Vuitton 'framboise' cles in Los Angeles..
The last one in the area! I'm selling my 'fuscia' cles instead.

Samples galore, given to me at the Beverly Center, LA

Super comfortable mesh Rockport walking shoes

Being a typical tourist, I just had to get this ;)

Another tourist top I bought in Hollywood

Found a Claires at a mall in Hollywood. I got keyboard stickers!!
And 2 phone charms and 2 glittery rings

Cheap gloves and a white cardigan from H&M, San Francisco

I love GAP

I saw the bigger version of my Fossil bag and couldn't resist getting it! Oops!!
It makes the perfect laptop bag :)

$20 Reeboks. $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beauty stuff from Sephora, San Francisco

Uh.. more beauty stuff

Really gorgeous-smelling Stila perfume

The coveted "IT" eBay stuffed toy :D

Lots of $6.50 tops, eeeee!!!

I *always* and *only* buy my socks from Foot Locker in Valley Fair, San Jose

The perfect pair of white heels

In the Vancouver office, eBay toys galore!!

Hong Kong airport.. they really know how to shop there ;)

The Balenciaga boutique in Singapore

My new mobile phone - the NEC 411i, that my parents got for free!

Bought this Benetton luggage set in Singapore,
I needed it to bring all my stuff back home ;)

My magazines waiting for me after 3 weeks away..
I didn't realise I read so many trashy magazines, haha!