Wednesday, May 10 (8:20 PM)

Balenciaga sky-blue mini twiggy

Balenciaga City, mini Twiggy and Coin Pouch

I thought a little bag would be cute, so I got a sky-blue mini twiggy from Balenciaga. I fell in love with the colour when I first saw it.. it's really girly and sweet and looks great with jeans :) It's hard to judge the size in the photo, but it's around 9" long and though it looks small, the cylindrical shape means it packs a punch. Love the size!


Sunday, May 7 (9:24 PM)

A colleague planted an idea in my head the other day.. that I could try cycling to/from work instead of jogging. Jogging takes almost 1 hour and it's uphill the entire way.. and whilst I do enjoy it, it's a bit of a hassle as I have to get changed and leave all my stuff back at work. With a bike, I can pop my bag/clothes in the basket and it'll take 20-30mins instead.

So I got my bike yesterday! :) I'm ashamed to say I chose it solely by the fact that it was silver & pink, and pretty. To be honest, I had no idea what to choose or look for! So I just picked a cheap bike (it was on sale too!) that was light and looked good.

I took it out on it's maiden voyage today and am really pleased with it. I haven't ridden in years and years, so it'll take me a good few weeks before I build up the guts to ride on the sideway to/from work. But that's my goal :)