NIKE sports clothes

Monday, July 10 (8:45 PM)

I've recently decided I really want some great sports gear, since I'm now committed (!) to being super fit and healthy (well... to me, anyway). I already have a gorgeous Nike light-blue tank top that Mum and Dad bought me awhile back, and a super cute Nike pink tank top that my cousins gave me for Christmas. So I decided what I wanted was:

1) A tee for when I don't want to wear tank tops (ie. when it's cooler outside)
2) A jacket
3) Shorts

Decided Nike was the best, especially with their dri-fit material. My favourite, by far, is the Nike dri-fit black jacket I bought at Rebel Sport @ Chatswood. I just randomly went in there before watching Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday, and found THE MOST PERFECT jacket.

I'm specifically after a really light-weight one that I can tie around my waist.
It also must have zip-up pockets to put my keys.
And it must be lined at the collar and arms with soft cotton.
But the outside must be that light water/windproof material.
And it must breathable.

That's kinda a lot of criteria ;) So for the past 2 months, I've been searching in vain. I found the jacket in the store and just *gasped* when I saw it - it was EXACTLy what I was after! And though they didn't have an XS, the S isn't too insanely big, so it fits fine. And it was Nike too. And when I flipped over the tag to check the price, I NEARLY FAINTED - it was 50%. $160 down to just $80. The only jacket there that was 50%, in my size (kinda), with EXACTLY the specifications I wanted. I grabbed onto it like a long lost child and paid for it immediately ;) Too bad it wasn't in pink though, or I would've completely flipped out! It's so perfect though.. the brushed cotton at the collar/sleeves is great, as I'm hyper-sensitive and can't stand stiff/cold material there. It kept me warm yet I didn't sweat like I would wearing any other jacket, especially since the back is just made of mesh. It's sublime!!! :D

My beloved Nike black jacket - with exactly everything I must have in a sports jacket

Nike dri-fit pink jacket from eBay - this is the perfect colour and looks
fantastic, but it doesn't have the brushed cotton at the collar/sleeves!
So will most likely re-sell it on eBay again...

Nike dri-fit light blue tee - another eBay purchase. It was only $5
as no one else bid :D Love the dri-fit material, I don't sweat in it!

Nike running shorts - yet another eBay purchase, only $20!

Oh, some Marcs and Peter Alexander silky tanks. They were all less than $20 each - brilliant! So now I've suddenly got a whole bunch of tank tops for the summer :P I like that they're all plain though, all the better to accessorise with. And they're heaps better than regular tank tops, these are SO soft and silky!

Marcs and Peter Alexander tops