Jade Jewellery

Saturday, August 26 (6:40 PM)

Cheap jade bracelet

Not-so-cheap jade bracelet.. aka my family heirloom

Jade necklace.. a gift when I was born

Is it just me, or do you sometimes go out shopping with something in mind.... then come back with something completely different? ;)

I was looking for a pair of teal/green SHOES.. and ended up with a teal/green BRACELET instead. Whoops! There was a stall there selling gorgeous stone jewellery, and I fell in love with this little jade string bracelet (top photo). It was so pretty and actually fit my wee 6" wrist - so I took it as a sign that I had to get it :P It was only $18 too! Bargain!

Mum also gave me this beautiful jade and gold bracelet (middle photo). My grandma originally gave it to her.. and now she's passing it on to me. It's priceless now IMHO, because it's hard to get jade of this quality now.. and it's so delicate and pretty, plus it fits my wrist perfectly. It's my favourite :)

Mum also gave me this jade leaf necklace to go with the bracelet. It was a gift to me from my grandma when I was born, but I'd never worn/seen it before. It's really delicate and so sweet looking.. I'm just scared I'll damage/lose it!

So jade's really my thing right now. I think it's really special, and more interesting and valuable than diamonds. Not many people wear jade either.. so that makes it even more special to me :)