Thursday, September 7 (8:50 PM)

Itti & Otto heels

Bought some cute shoes whilst I was in Singapore... this particular pair by Itti & Otto caught my eye. They're the perfect teal colour! Been looking for a pair of shoes in teal, to match my Balenciaga teal bag. These match perfectly and the heel isn't too insane either.

Primavera heels

Also ended up with not one, but TWO(!) pairs of Primavera heels. I was shopping with my aunt and tried on the red pair, which I adored. So insisted on buying them for me.. then decided the black pair looked nice on me too, and so bought that for me as well! I was so delighted, they're so pretty and shiny :)


Sunday, September 3 (7:14 PM)


I am wholly convinced that the Asics GEL-KAYANO XII are the best sports shoes ever.

Recently, I've been having tons of problems with my knees and ankles, so I was after a pair of running shoes to protect them as much as possible. There's just something seriously wrong with my kneecaps - I can run UPhill, but I can't run DOWNhill.. my knees absolutely scream with pain afterwards.. to the point where I can't really stand up after I sit down.

When I asked around, almost everyone I asked swore up-and-down that it was the best and most elite of running shoes. Apparently, it's a "technical training shoe for the serious high mileage athlete." - makes me a bit embarassed as I'm not reaaaaaally a "high mileage athlete" but oh well :P

The shoes are just brilliant. They really do have this *bounce* factor in them, and my knees are no longer sore when I run. I'm amazed. I'd thought that the knee-pain was due to my own body being dumb.. it never occured to me that shoes could play such a big role! I'm now a convert. Asics all the way!