LISA HO sunglasses

Sunday, September 17 (9:47 PM)

Lisa Ho sunglasses

After much deliberation, I finally bought my perfect pair of sunglasses - Lisa Ho diamante sunnies!

I've been looking for a pair of those so-in-right-now big sunnies, or as Chris would say, "bug sunnies". I'd spent the past 2 months looking for the big plastic ones, but Chris thinks they're ugly and none of them really fit my face properly. The other week, I saw this stunning pair at Lisa Ho, and was delighted they fit! Plus, they're metal and not plastic, so they feel classier and sexier. PLUS, they have diamantes on the side :D

They were $$ so I didn't want to buy them immediately.. but a week later, I was still lusting over them. So I scooted down to the store to pick them up. Horror of horrors, I heard what every shopaholic hates to hear - "Sorry, they're sold out." Frantic, I asked them to call their other stores.. and fortunately one store had them. Placed them on hold and went to get them the very next day. BRILLIANT :D