ROC sunglasses

Monday, October 9 (8:39 PM)

ROC sunglasses

Bought these ROC sunglasses (or as Chris would say, the "bug glasses") for 50% off at a random store at The Rocks over the weekend.. specifically so I could have a cheap pair to take quad-biking and kayaking whilst we were on holiday. They're cute, and cheap, at only $30!

KEDS cherry print flats

Been having problems with my knee lately, so I've turned to wearing lots of flats. I've only just discovered Keds, because I must live under a rock or something. I love their shoes! Really comfortable slip-ons in the cheeriest of colours.

I bought these Keds cherry print flats (above) on eBay for a bargain, especially considering this particular print is sold out in stores. Brilliant!