ITTI & OTTO flats

Saturday, December 16 (9:25 PM)

I'm in Singapore! Unfortunately, I also lost my glasses. I've been wearing them because I can't wear contact lenses leading up to my Lasik surgery, and stupid me dropped my glasses and lost them.

Didn't stop me from shopping though.

But since I'm half-blind, it was kinda difficult (and weird) as I had to practically kiss everything just to see it.. much to the suspicion of the sales people ;) That didn't really deter me however, and I came away with a gorgeous pair of Itti and Otto leather ballet flats!!!! Been after some ballet flats for awhile but shoes are insanely $$$ in Australia. Plus these were 20% off :D I think they'd look fab with my denim skinny jeans!

Itti & Otto leather ballet flats

JIMMY CHOO leather & crystal flats

Sunday, December 10 (9:10 PM)

Bought these divine Jimmy Choo leather & crystal flats. I LOVE 'EM!!! They're all embellished and cute, but still comfortable since they're flats.

And yes, they look ridiculously similar to the Jimmy Choo heels I bought a few months ago.. so might sell these heels on eBay, as I can't really wear heels anymore :(