Friday, January 26 (3:48 PM)

HollywoodStyle were having a sale on their jewellery.. so I decided to pick up a few pieces, namely because:

1) They offer a 30-day money back guarantee
2) They were offering a FREE pair of earrings and a necklace
3) They were on SALE - duh!

Plus, I don't own many rings and have heard that theirs were really sparkly and well-made. So true, I was really impressed by the quality - they truly *sparkle* in the light and the colours are so fun! It sure beats spending $$ on diamonds ;) The sale's still on, so hurry!

3 cute band rings

Love this pink ring!

I adore this, but it doesn't fit my skinny fingers so have to return :(

The free necklace - it really sparkles

The free earrings - will probably sell on eBay as I don't wear stud earrings

LOUIS VUITTON valentines

Tuesday, January 23 (9:13 PM)

Louis Vuitton vernis envelope

Louis Vuitton vernis coin pouch

Louis Vuitton vernis strap

Ack.... too cute!!! It's the latest releases from Louis Vuitton - the pink, the shininess, the charms, the cutesyness... OMG!!!!!!! MUST HAVE!