Thursday, February 15 (8:45 AM)

Net-a-Porter were having a sale, so I got a couple of things :) Well, 3 to be exact. Keeping 1, selling 2. I would say the customer experience wasn't fantastic. They charged my credit card, and over 1 week went by with NOTHING (it was meant to arrive within 3 days). When I contacted them, they said it was because I "didn't give approval". Interestingly enough, they NEVER asked for approval (it was approval to signify that I would be responsible for Customs fees). Ridiculously, they NEVER apologised for their stuff-up either. Will never order from them again because of this.

When it did arrive however, it was packaged beautifully. But considering their ridiculous shipping costs and the fact that they don't mark the value down so Customs fees are as equally ridiculous.. the experience wasn't exactly positive. Pretty crap, to be honest ;) But since I'm selling 2 of the 3 pieces, it's not too bad.

Net-A-Porter gift box

Goodies nestled inside

MISSONI Sabrina Zig-Zag Cardigan - Multi-colored demi-sheer wool jersey zig-zag knit cardigan with plissé cuffs and waistband. Cardigan has a v-neck on front with button front fastenings and fluted sleeves. 70% rayon, 30% wool.
This is the piece I AM going to keep! I got a sz 38 - the smallest size listed on Net-A-Porter, so I assumed it was the smallest available, which it obviously isn't so is quite big on me :( Anyway, so it's more of a loose-fit top for me, but it still looks quite lovely, so I've been wearing it and LOVE it :)

MISSONI Sabrina Zig-Zag Cardigan

MARC JACOBS triple-buckle flats in Navy - Navy leather flat shoes with three buckles on toe. Marc Jacobs shoes have a pointed toe, thin straps with small gold buckles on front, a small 20mm heel and rust colored lining.
Fell in love when I took them out of their box. They're made of the most supple leather and so soft and comfy, even the sole is padded! Unfortunately they're a sz36 which runs too big for me *siiigh*.
Selling for US$480

MARC JACOBS triple-buckle flats in Navy

CHLOE Paddington leather clutch in Metallic Midnight Blue - Metallic blue leather Paddington clutch bag with matte black hardware and padlock. Chloé bag has a silver zip closure with a leather strip and key attached to zipper, a clasp fastening on strap which is detachable and a stud fastening pocket on front with padlock detail.
Super cute but a bit too small for me. The color is so luscious.. a deep, rich metallic navy - I wish I'd gotten it in the large size!
Selling for US$400.

CHLOE Paddington leather clutch in Metallic Midnight Blue