Wednesday, February 21 (7:36 AM)

Lester Brand gold and diamond rings

Aren't they gorgeous?! I saw them in Harpers Bazaar magazine and just about had a heart attack. I love the one in rose gold.. they're so delicate and divine. AU$2,500 a pop though, which is really $$ IMHO, since they're not a big brand. And I also just bought my Tiffany & Co ring, so I don't want to buy another ring. Bummer.. they're so lovely!

See more at their website http://www.lesterbrand.com.au

TIFFANY & CO platinum & 5-diamond ring

Sunday, February 18 (7:35 PM)

To celebrate my first Valentines Day single in 10 years (!), I really splurged and bought the Tiffany & Co platinum & 5-diamond ring - been coveting it for awhile and I wanted to really mark this moment to myself. And I also wanted something pretty simple and timeless, that will last forever. This was perfect :)

Tiffany & Co platinum & 5-diamond ring

The Tiffany & Co ring was splurge-y, but I sold a Louis Vuitton wallet and Chanel earrings last week, so I think it makes this spend not too bad ;)