Friday, April 6 (8:49 PM)

CROCS for the whole family! I'd never really noticed them before.. or rather I had, but I thought they were UGLY ;) But they released the new Capri style - which look fantastic and are so comfortable. Couldn't resist and none of us have super-comfy flip flops, so it was well justified :)

CROCS for the whole family, haha!

Crocs store @ Vivo City

CANON IXUS 60, Shoes galore

Tuesday, April 3 (3:00 PM)

My new sleek, pretty Canon IXUS 60! Well, it's actually Dad's cos he dropped (!) his camera during the wedding dinner so it's conked out.. and this is the replacement. But I'll most likely get one for myself too because my current one that I always use (Casio Exilim 3.2mp) is really old and shoddy, and doesn't take very good pics.

Canon IXUS 60

It does this funky colour thing so that only 1 colour
shows up and the rest is b&w - how cool!!!!

It takes awesome close-ups - great for my food photography ;)

Photos from random shopping trips in Singapore.. couldn't be bothered to take pics of everything though :P

Comfy slides. I love how shoes in SG actually fit me!

Similar but in gold.

Gold shoes - wore these with my Bridesmaid dress,
since the theme was yellow.

Worn with my Alannah Hill teal dress at the wedding dinner

Random hairclip I bought, because the store owner was so nice!

Some random Lancome stuff

Pretty ring

Bought this dress for work. I like how simple/structured it is.