Handmade Pink Leather Jacket

Sunday, April 15 (1:39 PM)

I was at the North Sydney markets about 2 months ago and saw this lady, Wendy Murray, selling leather jackets and shawls. They were divine - the coats looked just like Alannah Hill designs and were really slim-cut and came in a myriad of gelato-colours. Simply gorgeous!! We stayed in touch and I bought one of her pink coats, she even delivered it to my office :)

The coats retail around $900 at boutiques and she does fashion shows too.. but she sold it to me for $400. Hurray :D They're all hand-made by her from scratch! She's really lovely and I mentioned she should sell them on eBay - she's sure to get tons of business there - so she's going to check it out!

Gorgeous hand-made leather coat