A shopping spree..

Tuesday, June 5 (8:21 PM)

Did some shopping this weekend, hadn't shopped in a while so I went a leeeetle mad (whoops).

$199 down from $289, which I thought was a deal, but now that I think about it,
it's still quite pricey! But it fits soooooo well and is really gorgeous on, though it
looks pretty plain and blah in the pic here. Got it from the Alannah Hill store.

Adorable Alannah Hill ballerina silk skirt, brand new on eBay for $66.

Alannah Hill silk top for $50 in new condition on eBay. It looks like a grandma top
but it's so lovely on and is really silky and comfortable.

Cheap dress from Tattoo for only $40. It's so silky and retro!

Witchery leather flats for $38 brand new on eBay. I tried these on
in the store and loved them!

Witchery leather & jewel flats, $129.95 from the store. Had a moment of
insanity and bought these for full-price, 'cos I loved 'em so much!

And I saved my favourite purchase for the last. It's a gold ring with a teeny ruby
and I really wanted to buy it, then realised that it was 50% off!! Took it as a sign ;)

Had to get the ring altered to fit me as my finger is a size US 2.5!! :-O
I think I've shrunk or something :( Even the jeweler thought I was weird..