LOUIS VUITTON black satin flats

Sunday, June 10 (10:13 AM)

Louis Vuitton black satin flats

So I bought a pair of Louis Vuitton black satin flats. I've been slowly converting my shoe stash to flats, because of my bad knee (I always feel like a doddery old lady when I say this!), and selling off my heels, only keeping a few pairs I truly love.

The flats fit like a charm and have the cutest pink interior and soft satin exterior. I like how the "LV" monogram is also black so it isn't loud - no one will know it's Louis Vuitton, which is a good thing. And the metal plate on the heels read "Louis Vuitton" embossed into the silver - too cute :P And to compensate for this little splurge, I'm selling 2 pairs of Coach shoes on eBay sometime this/next week. Also listed a bunch of Alannah Hill and whatnot on eBay yesterday so I hope it all sells well :)