Just random shopping

Monday, July 9 (10:56 AM)

Went shopping with a friend at Paddington.. I love the shops there but we didn't have nearly enough time, so we could only shop less than half of the stores! Booooo! Will have to go back next weekend ;)

Alannah Hill black cardigan! It has lambswool in it which I'm (sadly)
allergic to, but I'm going to wear it anyway and see ;)

Looks crap, but it's a super-soft modal top from Papinelle

Matchy-match Papinelle modal shorts. Going to wear this to the gym!

The famous Parisian Ballet flats. I resisted and just bought one pair.
It's being flown in and I'll get it in 2 weeks.. can't wait... they're so comfy

Leona Edmiston dress, bought the other day in the City

Alannah Hill skirt